Quick and Dirty

One thing I learned at comix camp is that dialogue is not easy to do. Luckily there were many colorful characters around to draw from. That's Sam Alden on the right, boy genius and amazing artist. Craig Thompson in the middle, always supportive.

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  1. Dialogues are a total bitch - not just with comics, but for any writer.

    How do you fill in background info the audience doesn't have? Use dialogue - except then it sounds forced, like I'm really gonna recap something you already know. (I like flashbacks for this - bet flashbacks are even more dynamic in pictures!)

    How do you move the plot along while trying to "show" and not "tell"? Use dialogue! Except now your dialogue might not only sound forced, you also may inadvertently have one (or more) of your characters saying something they have no business knowing at that particular point in the story.

    And I'm not even gonna go into the myriad of potential problems when writers try to use dialogue for character development. Just think of those big-yawns movie moments!

    BUT...if you do it right, and do it well, nothing beats great dialogue for vibrancy & energy!

    So, the last round of comments in the frame you have here, when Craig says, "You mean you hold your breath when you're drawing?", and Sam, who is not even in the main conversation, deadpans on the side, "Like a sniper." - that's good dialogue! It gives you everything: core problems & conflict points, character insight, and makes you really curious about this guy in the jail-house stripes who thinks of snipers in this totally out-there way.

    Just saying....