Great White North

I've heard that the Canadian illustrator Thoreau MacDonald, son of the Group of Seven painter J.E.H. MacDonald, used to draw landscapes only from memory, after he'd had a walk and come home. The cartoonist Seth talks about it here.

These scenes around Trevor's childhood home are always so striking when we first come up for a visit, I thought I would try to draw them from memory after coming in from a walk or a drive. I was happier with the results than when I drew a scene while looking directly at it (not posted here).

A materials note/aside: Craig Thompson is right - the Pentel pocket brush pen does work great on a toothier paper, in this case, a 9 x 12 Canson mix media sketchbook.


Ten Years Ago

Two kids got married by a New York civil servant named Ms. Johnson, ate lunch at Luther's Fried Chicken, and wandered through a cold Central Park night looking for the ice skating rink. Happy tenth, teb.



This one is for the hauntingly beautiful heroine of Craig Thompson's new graphic novel, HABIBI. It comes out next September, but Craig brought a pre-production copy to the ACA residency, along with a portfolio of original pages and individually bound earlier drafts of each chapter, and left them in the studio for our lucky group to read. Without giving away the story, I can say that it is a book you want to curl up with long into the night. If you pause to sleep, you will have fitful dreams, and when you wake, you will wake to the treat of entering again into its dense and extravagant world. At almost 700 pages, it is a journey, and one you won't forget.

 Aaaaaaand this one is a group portrait of the superfriends: the eight associate artists that Craig assembled to work and play together in Florida. HABIBIfied! Apologies to Craig and my fellow associates.

More artists' HABIBI and Craig Thompson fanart at the Fanart Friday tumblr.



A fanart tribute to one of the characters in Paul Pope's beautifully drawn sci-fi sex and love romance, 100%.

It's hard not to love Strel - she's a mom and a club manager for strippers, a bad-ass who hates violence and dreams of one day owning her own...

...coffee roasting company.

I learned a lot from ogling Paul's work - his brush and ink work is out of this world.

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Today I had a couple reminders of how easy it is to die, or get seriously hurt, and it made me think of all that I want to get done first.