Today I had a couple reminders of how easy it is to die, or get seriously hurt, and it made me think of all that I want to get done first.

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  1. I used to worry about death, a lot. I spent a lot of time doing things to plan for dying. Now I try to spend time & energy living, just to focus on living. Because you never know when you'll die, but you sure as hell know you're alive right now, and the things that you choose to do & say today will impact those around you, in ways (and with repercussions) that you'd never fully appreciate the extent of.

    There are still a lot of shit I'd like to get done before I die - and I'd like to know, even if I find myself on a deathbed from some bizarre accident years before I should expect to die, that I at least made a good effort at those things that mattered to me. But I know I never want to die at the end of a long life and regret all the people & moments that I've neglected in my pursuit of that long list of shit I've got!

    Never gonna win it all - just trying to balance, every day, a new balance game. So for me, it's not so much before you die, but it's more about, if I die today, will I think, I did OK, all things considered.

    Just saying....