Half Moon Bay

The LABOR chapter is coming along. Because I don't want to post too many hospital drawings in a row, here's another landscape from memory.


Thank you!

Got a lot of birthday wishes in the form of messages and voicemails, because, selfishly, I was intent on spending some of my birthday drawing and didn't pick up the phone. Please accept my apology in the form of this warm-up doodle of me feeling cozy and loved. And wearing an outfit I don't actually own. I think it's a subconscious nod to this excellent comic by my friend Katie Shanahan, who also drew me a great birthday card. It's posted on her blog.



It feels good to ink a page of the book after working on rough drafts for so long!

It's a simple formula: when I have time to draw, I am happy. When I don't, I whine. (See previous post.)


Early January

Maybe it's the cold, or the end of the semester crunch, and maybe it's just getting over the debauchery that is the holidays, but early January is not making me want to jump up and say HAPPY NEW YEAR! So here is hoping for more sun, a few wrinkles in the routine, and the fortitude to make the best of these coming three hundred something days...