It's a...chapter!

Here's a preview of the cover for the first chapter, LABOR. And - I just realized - the title of the book! I sat with another name for a long time, but in the end this felt right for a story about parents.

I'll be wandering around Wondercon this weekend, and bringing copies of this chapter to Stumptown in two weeks. Stay tuned!


Cover Art

Never was good at perspective drawing but I learned that if you ink wobbly enough over top, nobody seems to notice!


Old, new

Above: early pages from the book that are no longer in the book. They're like old jars of spices I hang onto in case they come in handy again. They'll probably never get used, but they remind me of a dish I once cooked, and they make me feel like trying new things.

Below: thumbing through a home-printed test copy of a new chapter, trying to see if it feels right. Boy, this is a long process!



It's been so long since I've posted anything, and it'll be a bit before I finish the thing I want to post. So here's a peek at part of a panel I worked out today. Below is the crappily drawn thumbnail that I stared at for a long time, trying to figure out what to do with it.