Two Studies and a Sketch

I love the look of scratchy lines with ink wash. I'm still looking for a Rembrandt study I did years ago, but in the meantime here are two small studies. Gipi does incredible comics with these moments of aaaaah where he lets you pause on a landscape with a big sky and tiny bit of something manmade. The third image is a preparatory drawing for Chapter Two: BACKWARDS. I didn't get the light right so studying light under trees is my homework for the weekend.


  1. I remember when Mom was being carried through the camp to the ferry crossing...the make-shift stretcher was of worn, patched tent canvas, and poorly tied onto sticks. Between the canvas sagging and the poles bending, Mom was inches from just being dragged along the sand, and all curled up inside all that bunched up fabric. I ran along side, holding up some of the edges, trying to make sure Mom didn't somehow drown atop the sands in wads of green canvas. The visual of your sketch is great - all that I could see of Mom at times on that long walk was the huge belly!

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