Chapters 1 and 2 available

It feels great to have two chapters of my book, THE BEST WE COULD DO, out in the world. If you'd like to order a copy of one or both, now you can! I've added two buttons on the side of this blog. They are $5 each, with very reasonable shipping.

The next time I table will most likely not be until December 10th at the East Bay Alternative Press Book Fair in Berkeley. But who knows? I may have another chapter or a different mini-comic done by then.


  1. I mailed yours today from Oakland, Debbie! The postman was singing along to "Billy Jean."

  2. I would really love to review your comic in the next issue of Hip Mama--any chance of getting a review copy (and I can't find the right sorts'a contact info on this here internet, so excuse me asking via your blog!) you can email me! amanda@hipmamazine.com.