I've just launched an IndieGoGo campaign to publish two books with my students this year. I work with 9th and 10th grade English Language Learners at an alternative public high school in Oakland, CA. I teach them the language of comics every year so they can tell their experiences as immigrants, and publish them in a comics anthology, or collective graphic novel (whichever term you prefer).

My fundraising goal of $1600 would let me print one book for each of the students who wrote and drew a story this year. Additionally it would let me publish, for public viewing, a handsome coffee table book of the very best student comics of the last four years. The downtown Oakland Public Library will be hosting a book launch for us in February and making the book a part of their history collection.

Any contribution to this campaign is appreciated. All contributions of $30 and above get you a copy of said handsome coffee table book, along with other very nice perks! It's a great cause. We've already raised 21 percent of the goal on the first day of the campaign. Please join in!

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