Elephant Seal SMACK-DOWN

These warm-up doodles, done before inking over the last week or so, have been fun and added up to what might be my first fight scene in comics, ever. Drawn from memory, witnessed on a real beach in California. Really.


Color test

One to two pages a day is generally considered to be a good pace in comics. This is daunting when trying to do a 400 page book on the side. Here's a semi-productive form of procrastination - thinking about how to add one color to the inked pages. I still have a long way to go, and a few things to learn...

I've been calming my nerves by drawing to the audio-recording of "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy. It's a gruesome story but somehow comforting - in the way that everything has been stripped down to what is essential...simplified into black and white, all choices based on instinct and faith.



Just got back from a cartoonists' group that meets in Berkeley. I've lived here three years and had no idea, but thanks to my ACA bud Dave Kiersh and his friend Jen Tong, I met some good local people and got good comics feedback.  Looking forward to more. Thanks Dave!