A Labor of Love

Corny post title, I know. But there's no other way to explain this non-profit venture called novel writing.

I've printed a few dozen copies of the first chapter of my book, THE BEST WE COULD DO. Also pictured above are some of my scripts, thumbnails, preparatory drawings and rough drafts for the rest of the book.

If you'd like a preview copy of Chapter One (which will, in all likelihood, change by the time the whole book is done), scroll down to the button on the right and click BUY NOW. I've tested the Paypal thing out and it seems good. I'll mail you a signed comic within a week or two, with my thanks.



April has been a fun-filled and work-heavy month, and it's taken its toll on my health. But between coughing fits, I thought I'd post a preview of a collaborative comic I did with GB Tran, author of the new graphic novel, VIETNAMERICA. You can see more of it on his blog. This and an interview appear in next month's issue of HYPHEN magazine. If you live in California or NY, you may be able to buy it off a newstand. If not, subscribe to the magazine and support some good work!

While I'm plugging good work, I should say here how proud I am that there's a gorgeous graphic novel out there that tackles some of the same issues I've been wrestling with. GB's dynamic layouts and textured colors bring to life stories that could have been lost, but now are part of a growing body of literature about Vietnamese experience by Vietnamese authors. Now go buy VIETNAMERICA.