The next chapter of the book is called TERROR. I wrote it awhile ago, drew it last summer, and now I am rewriting it again.

It is a strange and long process to dig up old ghosts. I'm rewatching old horror movies, finding that most of them have no power to scare me anymore. One exception worth mentioning is THE SHINING. It still makes my heart pound and my hands sweat.

I've never read the book - I'm not sure how much is the book and how much is the movie. But I suspect that a big part of its value is that while he intended for it to be a commercially successful movie, Kubrick was still making art. The camera angles, the majestic sweep of the Steadicam, the dramatic cuts... are so singular, so arty, for a horror movie. He uses as many common elements of a domestic abuse story as he does conventions of the horror movie. In fact, it is a domestic abuse story cast in the trappings of a horror movie. The character development is very spare, with just enough bones to make the characters stand, but so much attention is lavished on the setting that you still imagine yourself in the shoes of the three characters, trapped in that hotel, terrorized or becoming the terror.


Paper figures

A wedding present Trevor and I made for our friends, John and Kim, a very sweet couple. I used to do these big shadow puppet plays, and I'd make tiny paper cut-outs to plan out the characters, and hang them up with floss and t-pins. I still get a kick out of how delicate they are.


Chapters 1 and 2 available

It feels great to have two chapters of my book, THE BEST WE COULD DO, out in the world. If you'd like to order a copy of one or both, now you can! I've added two buttons on the side of this blog. They are $5 each, with very reasonable shipping.

The next time I table will most likely not be until December 10th at the East Bay Alternative Press Book Fair in Berkeley. But who knows? I may have another chapter or a different mini-comic done by then.


Still recovering from a busy and fun weekend at and around the Alternative Press Expo. I am awed by the force of nature that is my table partner Jake Wyatt. Thank you to everyone who came by the table. I had a lot of great conversations and hope you enjoy the comics!

Glad I got to spend some time with Craig Thompson during his whirlwind HABIBI tour. He was busy signing books for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund when my son barged the line to give him this handmade monster.

In town were the hilarious Katie Shanahan and her equally entertaining brother Shaggy, promoting their new comic, Silly Kingdom. Thank you to them for a whole lot of laughing this weekend!