Happy Christmas

I spent a lot of Christmases as a child wishing for snow and all of the ornamentation that makes stuff more, well, Christmas-y. For a few years we took a walk on the beach on Christmas Day. This year that sounds like an excellent plan to me, though the beach in San Francisco is far colder than the beach in San Diego. For now, and in lieu of a holiday card, here's a belated post of a couple of drawings from Thanksgiving week in the desert.



I've just launched an IndieGoGo campaign to publish two books with my students this year. I work with 9th and 10th grade English Language Learners at an alternative public high school in Oakland, CA. I teach them the language of comics every year so they can tell their experiences as immigrants, and publish them in a comics anthology, or collective graphic novel (whichever term you prefer).

My fundraising goal of $1600 would let me print one book for each of the students who wrote and drew a story this year. Additionally it would let me publish, for public viewing, a handsome coffee table book of the very best student comics of the last four years. The downtown Oakland Public Library will be hosting a book launch for us in February and making the book a part of their history collection.

Any contribution to this campaign is appreciated. All contributions of $30 and above get you a copy of said handsome coffee table book, along with other very nice perks! It's a great cause. We've already raised 21 percent of the goal on the first day of the campaign. Please join in!


East Bay, this Saturday

I'll have a table with my comics this Saturday at the East Bay Alternative Press Book Fair. It's in downtown Berkeley, inside the Berkeley City College building. Come and say hello!

There will be some fine local cartoonists in attendance, including Joey Alison Sayers, Kane Lynch, Jason Martin, and Mari Naomi. Click on the image for a full list of exhibitors.