Summer is almost over, which means less time to work on the book. The good news is that I finished rewriting the next two chapters (so many thanks to my ACA friends for the feedback!) and am drawing final art. This next chapter wants to be penciled in full before I ink it. It's not the greatest method for posting updates, but it feels right. Maybe it's the influence of Jane Rosen, my drawing teacher from many years ago, who taught us to bring a whole drawing, whether it was 2 inches or 20 feet, up to focus at the same time. Thanks for being patient while things are still looking fuzzy.


  1. Hi, Thi!
    I just stumbled onto your blog while I was researching Asian American graphic narratives. It's wonderful to see you doing something so suited to the medium. Those inked panels below are really quite evocative.
    Were you able to do more with the shadow puppet play you put on while you were at Bard?
    Get in touch sometime when you're not busy and we'll catch up. I can put in a word for you with a couple of editors when your book is finished. (I'm teaching a course on comics at SUNY New Paltz at the moment.)
    Some of your drawing talent seems to have rubbed off on Bella when she visited your studio. Have a look at her Space Bunny on my webpage.
    Heinz Insu Fenkl

  2. Hello Heinz! It's wonderful to hear from you and I'm sorry it takes me so long to reply. Will definitely get in touch and catch up. All best to you and yours!