Off the drawing desk

Here's another page I'm working on.
I'm torn about whether to print this chapter for LA Zine Fest. On the one hand, I'm long overdue. On the other, it should be read together with the next chapter (thumbnailed but not yet drawn). Thoughts?


  1. How about doing a short run and see how it goes? I am thinking people will feel compelled to buy the other chapter/s to see what happens. Make them wait, as Dickens would have it.

    Good luck in any case - pity it's so far. Why must I live on the very edge of the world?

  2. It's good logic. I guess my hesitation is taking sensitive material out of context - maybe better to sacrifice my own ambitions to get this stuff out than to have one of my subjects feel hurt.

    I think we all feel the edge of the world thing a bit - the real problem is that we're so far apart! Thanks for always reaching out, Debbie.

  3. Ah, I see. That is different. Go with your instinct then, I would say.

    I am looking forward to reading them, anyway. Keep on! Maybe we write to know we are not alone, eh?

  4. I would vote release. Perhaps the support you receive from the finished third chapter could be an encouraging boost to draw out the fourth?

    Or maybe (definitely) I selfishly want to read more without waiting...

  5. I'll take that comment as my encouraging boost to draw the fourth chapter, Zach. I am a terrible person at keeping to schedule, and that's probably why I've never tried to do a webcomic.

    Now if somehow I could find a way to take a year or two off teaching to work on the book...