Flirting with Color

Musicians are cool.

I once told a friend that if the sunlight on my bookshelf could sing and play guitar, it would sound like M. Ward. And it adds to the comfort and familiarity of his music that he kind of looks like a hobbit.

There's some better music than the awful Ewok panpipe tooting in the Lord of the Rings movies.

Jonathan Richman opened for him at the Fillmore in San Francisco last night. What a treat to see up close a music legend having a good old time being himself.


Jeans, No Shirt

Palm Trees, Clouds

El Condor Pasa

I saw a California condor for the first time, flying high over a gulch at midday. It's a huge bird, and impressive to see in flight. I feel a little immature whenever I see pictures of condors up close 'cause I can't help but be touched by all the work folks have done to preserve such a weird looking bird. Something about the photo I copied this from makes me think of Alan Rickman in a David Bowie get-up. It's a ridiculous, marvelous animal, right up there with elephant seals.