Moving the contents of this blog, and future posts, over to Tumblr.

In more exciting news, my graphic novel, THE BEST WE COULD DO, has found a publisher!! I am taking the year off teaching to focus on finishing this project, with the help of some fine folks at Abrams ComicArts.

I can't even begin to describe how excited -- and terrified -- I am.


One more

Last panel of the year, a fitting one for New Year's Eve - one foot in the past, a toe or two in the future. Here's to life, living it and learning from it. And to the future! There's more to come...


POC Zine Project / Race Riot Tour

Last February at LA Zine Fest, I met some of the organizers of POC Zine Project. They are kindly taking my chapters along their 20-city Race Riot! Tour this fall. Check out their tumblr for dates, bios and more info!



I forgot to post here: the Alternative Press Expo is this weekend in San Francisco and I am tabling with my ACA pal, Katie Shanahan and her brother Shaggy Shanahan. Find us at Table 538!


Chapter 3: TERROR

This one has been a long time coming. I would have liked to put it out with Chapter 4, its companion, but oh well. I feel pretty good about some of the art and the pacing in this. And I'm glad to move on.

If you'd like to order a printed copy, there is a new PayPal button on the side. Scroll down.


SF Zine Fest

SF Zine Fest is today and tomorrow and I'll be tabling there for the first time. I have Chapter 3 printed! It's a free event, 11-5 both days in Golden Gate Park. Looking forward to seeing new stuff by folks like Jason Martin, Tessa Brunton, Kane Lynch, Tomas Moniz and Malachi Ward.


I've been dreaming

and there will be a new chapter of THE BEST WE COULD DO very soon. It's at the printer's. Stay tuned.


Off the drawing desk

Here's another page I'm working on.
I'm torn about whether to print this chapter for LA Zine Fest. On the one hand, I'm long overdue. On the other, it should be read together with the next chapter (thumbnailed but not yet drawn). Thoughts?


It's the last day of my working vacation and I still have a lot of pages to go, but I got a lot of pages done. What a week! Ok, back to the drawing desk.


Moon Cakes

It's the autumn moon festival and about time for an update. Good things are simmering below the surface. Here are some covers I just sent to Tomas Moniz of Rad Dad for his next issue. Excited for some upcoming events in the winter... more on those later.



Summer is almost over, which means less time to work on the book. The good news is that I finished rewriting the next two chapters (so many thanks to my ACA friends for the feedback!) and am drawing final art. This next chapter wants to be penciled in full before I ink it. It's not the greatest method for posting updates, but it feels right. Maybe it's the influence of Jane Rosen, my drawing teacher from many years ago, who taught us to bring a whole drawing, whether it was 2 inches or 20 feet, up to focus at the same time. Thanks for being patient while things are still looking fuzzy.



I'm deep in rewrites so there's only scribbly drawings to show right now. But this is where a lot of the necessary work happens.

Sometimes a certain action, repeated, becomes an anchor for a part of the story. I don't think of it when I first write - maybe because writing for me is a disembodied voice, and I don't think about what the rest of the body is doing until I have to draw. Apparently, my disembodied voice likes to smoke. A lot.


In the evenings in Vietnam, I'd see whole families go for a ride on the scooter. It was awesome.


Got tired of drawing badly after two months of not drawing.
Saw something Brandon Graham said about getting started by redrawing panels from a pile of comics you admire. And listening to music. It made today, and drawing, fun again.

And now here's something I'm working on: